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Published on April 02, 2024
Austin Man Charged with Murder after Fatal SXSW Hit-and-RunSource: City of Austin

The streets of Austin, still reverberating from the merriment and chaos of South by Southwest, were rocked by a vehicular tragedy last month that has now resulted in a murder charge. Tyrone Thompson, the 23-year-old man linked to the incident, is accused of a hit-and-run that ended the life of one pedestrian and left another injured. Thompson is being held in Travis County Jail with his bond set at $120,000 solely for the murder charge, according to CBS Austin.

Unfolding in the small hours of March 12, the crash at the crossroads of culture and commerce—Red River Street and Seventh Street—claimed 26-year-old Cody Shelton while a second person suffered injuries. Officers first observed a vehicle's faulty headlight before witnessing its deadly trajectory through downtown Austin. Thompson, behind the wheel, is alleged to have evaded a traffic stop, accelerating into peril through a red light, and sealing Shelton's fate, as per KVUE.

The pursuit of justice uncovered more than mere traffic violations. After a subsequent crash an hour later in Del Valle, Thompson's erratic behavior and the scent of alcohol led deputies to a confrontation that turned physical, with Thompson accused of lashing out as the specter of handcuffs drew near. He now faces a litany of charges that include obstructing or retaliating as well as the unlawful carry of a weapon, as reported by KVUE. A bottle of tequila and a loaded gun discovered in Thompson's car compound the severity of the circumstance.