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Published on April 03, 2024
Bloomington's Hyland Greens Golf Course Transitions Management to Three Rivers Park DistrictSource: The City of Bloomington

Bloomington's beloved Hyland Greens Golf Course has officially been handed off to the Three Rivers Park District, following a series of successful strides in course management and improved patron satisfaction. A public meeting convened in February championed this move, leading the City of Bloomington Council to legislate an ordinance supporting the handover amid resident accolades and specified conditions of usage.

According to the City's February meeting statements, the three-year custodianship of Three Rivers has decidedly improved golf course revenue, the number of rounds played, and overall user experience. These successes were likely factors in the Council's decision to transition management despite the need to critically address capital investments—a new HVAC system, irrigation updates, better accessibility, and the removal of the decrepit fencing along Normandale Boulevard.

The course, which was obtained by the City in 1974, underwent several metamorphoses—from an 18-hole allure to a nine-hole ground in 2012, and a 2015 touched proposal for partial development that the City ultimately opted against, choosing to retain the greens despite a continued reliance on taxpayer funds. Amidst this, the course saw its darkest days during the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. Bloomington's news release notes that Three Rivers stepped in 2021 with a three-year operation agreement.

Resident support echoed in the city council's approval and appears to have been a driving force behind Three Rivers' full-time commitment, a stewardship expected to bring more improvements to the course. Yet, community expectations seem set to maintain Hyland Greens as a green and vibrant hub of activity, a legacy the Three Rivers must now fully embrace and endeavor to ensure a continuation of—an ambition explicitly voiced in the city's ordinance backing the transfer.