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Published on April 18, 2024
California Woman Fatally Falls from 140-Foot Cliff on Sedona's Bear Mountain TrailSource: Facebook/Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

A family's hike in the scenic trails of Sedona turned deadly when a woman plunged from a cliff on Bear Mountain. Zaynab Joseph, a 40-year-old California resident, was hiking with her husband and their young child when the tragic incident unfolded the morning of April 15, authorities from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office announced.

The fall was a staggering 140 feet, as reported by AZFamily. Prompted by cries for help, a group of nearby hikers rushed to the scene. One hiker, after making their way down the steep embankment, found Joseph still breathing amidst the rubble. Despite their immediate call to 911 and the impromptu rescue attempt, Joseph succumbed to her injuries shortly thereafter.

"A group of hikers stopped after hearing yelling and discovered that the woman was seriously injured. While members of the group called 911, one hiked down the embankment and found that the victim was still breathing, but unfortunately, she passed away shortly after," the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office detailed in a statement obtained by FOX 10 Phoenix.

Both the husband and the one-year-old child, who witnessed the incident, were airlifted from the mountain. The victim's body was later recovered with the aid of the Department of Public Safety Ranger and search and rescue volunteers. Following on the family's heels, renting an Airbnb to soak up the natural wonders of Sedona, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office is now probing into what may have led up to Joseph's fatal fall. Hikers coming off the mountain and potential witnesses are urged to step forward with information and contact YCSO at 928-771-3260.