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Published on April 03, 2024
Dr. Lamark Goree Named Lone Finalist for Superintendent of Duncanville Independent School DistrictSource: City of Duncanville

In an announcement that marks a clear step toward educational evolution in Duncanville, Dr. Lamark Goree has emerged as the standout choice for Superintendent of the Duncanville Independent School District, as reported by the City of Duncanville. Workers in the realm of education and administration took note as Board President Phil McNeely declared, "One of the most important responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is hiring the Superintendent". Dr. Goree's resume speaks volumes; his legacy in Caddo Parish heralds a potential transformation in Duncanville.

Having distilled administrative prowess and pedagogical innovation over a tenure that began in 2013, Dr. Goree not only raised the bar in Caddo Parish by achieving record-high graduation rates, but also mentored students to National Merit Scholar distinctions, and under his watch, select institutions clinched National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence titles and Green Ribbon designations, this move to Duncanville could significantly shake up the local educational landscape, and his fiscal prudence, notably marked by securing surplus funds in quantities unsurpassable in years, are aspects that heighten the anticipations of stakeholders.

Acknowledging his accolades, including the honor of being named the 2019 Louisiana Superintendent of the Year and a 2021 Broad Academy Fellow, Dr. Goree's reputation crosses state lines, reaffirming his prowess in the educational sphere. Through prior roles in Texas spanning over 14 years, his connection to the state's educational framework is robust, illustrating a career rooted firmly within the systems he aims to uplift. His academic credentials too, are also impressive with degrees from esteemed institutions like Morehouse College and the University of Texas at Arlington, as observed in the City of Duncanville.

Duncanville ISD's resolution to usher in Dr. Goree follows a meticulous candidate evaluation, orchestrated with the assistance of Thompson & Horton LLP, Dr. Goree expressed his enthusiasm for aligning his vision of scholastic distinction with Duncanville's strategic aims, sharing "I am honored to be named the lone finalist for the position of Superintendent of Schools in Duncanville ISD," and looking forward to contributing to a district described as the 'City of Champions', all while embracing his contractual start date set for the 22nd of April this year after the Texas-mandated 21-day wait concludes.