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Published on April 02, 2024
Fort Worth-Area Cliffside Trolley Malfunction Injures Family of Four at Eagle Mountain LakeSource: Gordon Reid, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An afternoon at Eagle Mountain Lake turned into a life-threatening ordeal when a cliffside trolley malfunctioned and plummeted approximately 25 feet with a mother and her two daughters among the injured, officials confirmed. The incident occurred northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, as the four passengers were descending towards the lake on Saturday, according to the Briar-Reno Fire Department, the group was ejected from the vehicle which is typically used in the steep terrain around the lake for traversing heights with ease and a modicum of comfort.

All four individuals were hospitalized following the accident, as per the reports from FOX 4 News and the local fire department chief, Moses Druxman stated that, while three of the victims had severe injuries, it was the mother who suffered the most, with injuries so critical she had to be airlifted to Fort Worth for medical attention, however as of now all victims are considered stable despite the initial life-threatening status of one adult. Next to the cliff where the accident unfolded, Susan Gray, a resident with her similar trolley system, said her family got a barrage of concern calls and texts in the mistaken belief that they were involved, Gray, in an interview, also revealed they had just replaced their trolley's safety cable, a move driven by fear of a comparable disaster.

Key details about the accident are still under investigation as the community comes to terms with the rare and unexpected trolley failure, which has raised concerns about the safety of such mechanical lifts, the Briar-Reno Fire Department has not experienced a trolley accident in 15 years, and locals relay the rarity of such an unfortunate event. "Gosh, I just hope they fully recover and that they’re okay," expressed Gray during her FOX 4 News interview, giving voice to the wider community sentiment.