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Published on April 20, 2024
Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Launches New 'HCSO Happenings' Newsletter for Community InsightSource: Facebook/Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

Keeping the community clued in, the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office has rolled out the latest edition of its monthly newsletter, 'HCSO Happenings'. The scoop on their latest achievements and behind-the-scenes action is now up for grabs online.

The newly available issue brags tales of the office's finest, detailing both the regular grind and those moments the badge goes beyond. Serving up a mixed bag of content, anyone thumbing through the pages can expect a run-down of educational materials, agency ops data, and even the inside track on job openings.

Eyes looking for something more than text can feast on the included videos. The Sheriff's Office is not only about flashing sirens and badges – it's a hub of stories, people, and events that Hennepin locals might not always get to see.

Feedback from the public is not just welcomed but encouraged at [email protected]. Having misplaced their content wide open, the Sheriff’s Office is aiming to hit the mark when it comes to transparency and community engagement. Are they hitting a bullseye or missing the target? That's up for the residents to decide.

Find more than just a monthly dispatch; the Sheriff's Office has a home online with a full spread at hennepinsheriff.org, where the full spectrum of their services, news, and resources are laid bare. The latest issue was published on April 19th, so head on over and get the latest straight from the source.