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Published on April 12, 2024
Siblings Testify Against Man Accused of Killing Brother in Houston Horror HomeSource: Harris County Sheriff's Office

In a scene almost too grim to believe, the young siblings who lived in darkness with the skeletal remains of their brother provided heartbreaking testimony in the capital murder trial of Brian Coulter. The kids, now 10, 12, and 17, detailed their harrowing experiences during Thursday's court session, with Coulter facing allegations of killing 8-year-old Kendrick Lee and locking the other children in a bedroom with his corpse, as informed by The Houston Chronicle.

Details given in the distressing trial reveal that the children were left alone in the west Harris County apartment for nearly a year following Kendrick's death in 2020, and during this time the eldest sibling became the caretaker; when he finally called for help, as revealed in a chilling 911 call, he reported his brother had been dead for a year, and the court heard testimony on the ghastly conditions the children endured which included staying in the locked apartment roamed by flies and plagued by darkness, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Seeking to protect the psychological well-being of the siblings, the judge presiding over the trial obliged a request to allow the children to testify remotely, sparing them the trauma of confronting Coulter face-to-face which the adoptive mother warned could exacerbate nightmares and other traumatic responses, as reported by KHOU. This decision comes amidst a trial that is unearthing lurid details of neglect, abuse, and a mother's complicit behavior, painting a picture of a domestic nightmare that ended in the untimely death of a child.

The once-abandoned siblings now testify to a life transformed, recounting adoption into a new family complete with pets and siblings, contrasting starkly with their former squalid existence which saw periods where junk food was sporadically provided by their mother and Coulter as the only semblance of care, investigators pointed out. While the children's adoptive mother has been a vocal advocate for their ongoing recovery from past trauma, their biological mother, Gloria Williams, awaits her own trial, facing charges related to the death of Kendrick Lee.