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Published on April 02, 2024
Knoxville Braces for Severe Weather, NWS Issues Advisory for Damaging Winds and Potential TornadoesSource: Unsplash / Greg Johnson

The National Weather Service in Morristown is gearing up for some rough weather heading for the Knoxville region. They have issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for swathes of North Carolina, East Tennessee, and Southwest Virginia. The advisory details a concoction of mostly cloudy skies with temperatures hovering at a comfortable 69°F but accompanied by gusty conditions that can reach up to 29 mph.

A mirage of tranquility this morning, conditions are set to take a turn for the worse later in the day. The NWS predicts "a line of strong to severe thunderstorms expected to move through the forecast area late this afternoon and evening" according to their latest forecast. Damaging winds are the main concern, capable of exceeding 60 mph, yet the dark horse scenario of a tornado looms, especially west of the I-75 and I-81 corridors.

Today's weather in Knoxville is no walk in the park, with showers and thunderstorms potentially kicking in post-5 pm. The wind, steadfast from the southwest, promises to be robust enough to make umbrellas a questionable defense. As nightfall approaches, the forecast takes a grim turn; "Showers and thunderstorms likely, then showers and possibly a thunderstorm after 9pm" with a high chance of heavy rainfall, might transform streets into impromptu streams.

Even after the storms have had their say, the aftermath involves a temperature plunge at higher elevations, carrying into Wednesday, with light snow accumulations in the mountains predicted through Thursday night. Spotters might be witnessing more than they bargained for as their role becomes crucial in this atmospheric saga, relaying real-time updates to the NWS about the severe weather's movements and impact.

Looking beyond, the mishmash of weather won't give up its grip, with lingering showers into Wednesday evening. Thankfully, the sun plans a modest comeback for the weekend. Clear nights and sunny days are in the cards, hopefully drying out anything the storms have left sodden and providing some respite from the meteorological mayhem of the week.