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Published on April 02, 2024
Minnesota Department of Transportation Seeks Public Input on Hwy 252/I-94 Project at Virtual MeetingSource: City of Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis residents, take note: The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is calling for your input on a major highway project. Over three years of consideration, the 2017-2026 Hwy 252/I-94 study is zeroing in on potential designs, and officials want to hear from you.

After exhaustive analysis and feedback collection, MnDOT has whittled down the design options for the highway revamp. Set to be discussed in the upcoming virtual gathering, the project aims to address traffic issues plaguing commuters. With the details still being hammered out, the meeting will serve as a critical junction for public opinion.

The planning team is hosting this digital forum next week, Monday, April 10, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Anyone with an interest in the future of Hwy 252 and I-94 is encouraged to join the discussion and learn about the study's progression. To participate, residents are required to register for the online event.

In an effort to make transportation smoother and safer, MnDOT’s evaluation process has rigorously examined numerous alternatives for redesigning this key corridor. But before a final decision is made, the department has sought to include the voice of the community—understanding that those who traverse these roads daily hold vital insights into their shortcomings and potential.

Once the virtual meeting wraps up, attendees will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts via an online comment card on the MnDOT website. This feedback is seen as a valuable component of the study, which aims to culminate in a design that balances the needs of safety, efficiency, and community impact.

For additional details regarding the public meeting and how you can have your say in the Hwy 252/I-94 study, visit the project meetings webpage.