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Published on April 02, 2024
Oregonians Eyeing Wallet-friendly, Green Solutions by Reducing Edible Food WasteSource: City of Portland

Oregonians seem to be tossing out more than just last night's dinner leftovers— a staggering 71 percent of food waste in their homes is actually edible. In a conscious shift, however, they're acknowledging the importance of reducing food waste, with a whopping 80 percent affirming that personal actions can indeed drive meaningful change, Portland.gov reported.

Trimming down on this waste isn't just an environmental act—it's also a ticket to a thicker wallet, as the average family could reportedly save an estimated $1,600 per year just by being more strategic with their groceries and leftovers. Every bread crust or apple core that ends up in the bin represents a sequence of wasted resources: all the work and commodities that went into producing it, all the energy and water inputs, and the carbon emissions from farm to store are for nothing.

What many might see as a herculean task turns out to be doable through manageable behavioral tweaks. One simple way to curb this trend is freezing bread, "Bread stays fresh for months in the freezer, compared to days at room temperature," according to tips shared on Portland.gov