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Published on April 02, 2024
Philadelphia Police and Community Search for Endangered Missing Teen Jayden PineroSource: Philadelphia Police Department

The Philadelphia Police Department is actively searching for a missing teen, Jayden Pinero, who was last spotted on Monday in the vicinity of Lambert St. According to official reports, the 14-year-old boy went missing around 11:30 a.m. from the 57xx block of Lambert St.

Last seen wearing unknown clothing, Jayden is described as having a slender figure, with a height of around 5’3”, weighing roughly 110 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair that accentuates his youth. Having registered the case under the “endangered juvenile” category, authorities are deeply concerned for his safety and are urging anyone with information to step forward.

The specifics surrounding Jayden's disappearance remain unclear. The Philadelphia Police Department has not released additional details about the situation leading to his disappearance. The public has subsequently witnessed an outpouring of community concern, as citizens share the young boy's photo in the hopes that someone might recognize him and provide valuable information.

Anyone with knowledge of Jayden’s whereabouts, seen last by his family who are anxiously awaiting his return, is encouraged to contact the police. People can do so through contacting the Philadelphia Police Department's Northeast Detectives Division or by calling an anonymous tip line. This flow of community support is a testament, hoping that Jayden can be brought back to the safety of his home.

The Philadelphia Police Department is committed to locating Jayden and has sought the community's assistance to aid in their search. The police emphasize the importance of public vigilance and encourage anyone with information regarding Jayden Pinero’s whereabouts to get in touch immediately, as every moment is critical in cases involving missing children.