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Published on April 12, 2024
San Diego to Resume Regular Street Sweeping in Flood-Hit Areas with 30-Day Grace Period on TicketsSource: City of San Diego

After being put on hold due to the severe January storm that hit the region, San Diego is gearing up to bring back regular street sweeping services in sections of southeastern San Diego, where the storm's impact was felt the most. The scheduled resumption, kicking off May 9, follows the suspension of operations to give way to extensive cleanup efforts necessary to remove storm debris and prevent further damage to the neighborhoods. The City of San Diego announced this upcoming change after confirming the completion of the cleanup work.

Officials recognize that the return to routine might catch some by surprise. In a gesture of goodwill, the City's Stormwater Department will oversee a 30-day grace period where no fines will be issued for parking infractions related to street sweeping. This grace period serves as a buffer to notify residents and car owners about parking restrictions to avoid tickets and ensure the sweeping operations are as effective as possible by keeping the streets clear. Information detailing this transition will reach residents through the distribution of door hangers and flyers to vehicles parked in the affected areas, as clarified by Todd Snyder, Director of the Stormwater Department.

A core city service, street sweeping plays a pivotal role in keeping communities tidy, while also safeguarding the stormwater system from blockages caused by debris, which, in turn, mitigates the risk of flooding. Especially in the wake of storms, it is a critical preventive measure, as streets often gather a mixture of garbage and pollutants, all potential threats to urban waterways. Snyder emphasized, "Street sweeping is an essential service that helps keep our neighborhoods clean and prevents trash and debris from clogging our stormwater system, helping reduce flood risk for nearby homes and businesses."

The city's inhabitants are encouraged to collaborate with street sweeping efforts by relocating their vehicles when parking restrictions are in effect and promptly removing trash cans after collection day. In addition to personal efforts, residents have access to City resources like the Get It Done application for reporting issues such as illegal dumping, as brought to light by the San Diego government's communications. Those looking ahead of sweeping schedules can turn to the City's interactive street-sweeping map for detailed routes and times.