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Published on April 01, 2024
Seattle's Magnuson Park to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of First World Flight with Historic Tributes and Free DrinksSource: City of Seattle

The first world flight's 100th anniversary is about to be commemorated at Magnuson Park. According to a recent update on Seattle Parkways, the local landmark, Magnuson Park Cafe and Brewery, is set to host a celebratory event this Saturday, April 6, inviting history buffs and beer lovers alike between 2 and 4 pm to revel in this historic feat.

The celebrations are kicking off with a deal that seems about as appealing as a clear runway — the cafe and brewery promises one free beverage to the first 100 attendees, it’s a one-time deal. Making it more than just a history lesson with a side of booze, expect the Cafe and Brewery to amp up the ambiance with raffles, dancers, and, plenty of historical banter that will soar through the event.

Spend your Saturday at Magnuson Park Cafe and Brewery for a chance for a free drink, some cultural enlightenment, and maybe even a prized raffle win.