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Published on April 02, 2024
Two Bodies Found in State of Decomposition at Bexar County Residence, Investigation UnderwaySource: Google Street View

In a grim discovery, two bodies with signs of prolonged decomposition were found at a residence in the far reaches of Bexar County, as confirmed by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office (BCSO). Deputies received a call to the 15900 block of Martinez Street, a stone's throw from East Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard, on Tuesday morning following reports of multiple unidentified deceased individuals at the location.

In a statement obtained by KENS 5, officials termed the discovery "heartbreaking," especially for family members who had solicited a welfare check earlier in March. Prior attempts by deputies to investigate, including calls through loudspeakers, failed to elicit any response from within the home.

The profound elusiveness of life's tenure was underscored when relatives, concerned after receiving no answer at the door during earlier welfare checks, forced their way into the house only to uncover the remains of two men, ages in the 80s and 40s, lifeless in a bedroom. At the same somber site, authorities found a weapon.

Detailed scrutiny of the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths is under the purview of the medical examiner, as the onset of decomposition has masked immediate indicators of their demise, officials say, according to KENS 5. The timeline of the investigation now awaits the issuance of a search warrant for the property, an imperative step for BCSO.

While the details of the investigation unfold, investigative personnel clad in hazmat gear could be seen meticulously canvassing the exterior of the residence and documenting the scene with photographs. The investigation into the exact nature, and cause, of the deaths remains ongoing as more information becomes available.