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Published on April 14, 2024
Warm Weather and Gusts Welcome Spring in Knoxville, Potential Midweek Storms LoomSource: Google Street View

Spring weather is kicking into full gear for Knoxville with the National Weather Service predicting increasing clouds and a substantial climb in temperatures today, with highs approaching the low 80s. A southwest wind is forecasted to pick up, ranging from 5 to 15 mph and could deliver gusts topping out at 25 mph. Shifting into the evening, the skies are expected to clear out, giving way to a mostly clear night with the thermometer dialing back to a comfortable low around 58. Warm breezes are set to persist, with gusts as high as 20 mph, as seen on the NWS's official website.

Heading into the start of the workweek, Monday is looking to serve up a healthy dose of sunshine, with highs continuing to hover near 82 degrees. Blown in on a mellow southwest wind around 10 mph, the weather appears to remain friendly for outdoor activities. The serene pattern holds into Monday night, with the sky turning a shade cloudier, yet still refraining from rain with lows settling around 59 degrees, accompanied by gentle southwest winds.

The forecast then begins to tease a change, with Tuesday remaining mostly cloudy and steady temperatures, while Wednesday starts to stir the pot with a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, suggesting the possibility of a breezy and wet midweek disruption. Knoxville residents should brace for these potential storms, characterized by gusty southwest winds reaching upwards of 30 mph.

Temperatures will drop slightly to a high near 75 on Wednesday but still maintain a touch of spring, resisting the fall to any dramatically cooler numbers. Late hours of the same day may still see occasional showers and thunderstorms with a 30 percent chance before 2 am, as the city transitions to breezier nighttime conditions. Undeterred by midweek storms, Thursday is set to bounce back with mostly sunny skies and temperatures reclaiming their place in the low 80s.

The rollercoaster weather continues towards the tail end of the week. Showers become a recurring theme, with a 30 percent chance of rainfall disturbing the night on Thursday and chances increasing to 40 percent for showers and thunderstorms on Friday. It's a partly sunny affair for both days. The week signs off with a slightly cooler Saturday with scattered showers and a more subdued high of 69 degrees.