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Published on May 28, 2024
Atlanta Activist Chase Oliver Clinches Libertarian Nomination, Trump and RFK Jr. Left in the Dust for 2024 RaceSource: Wikipedia/Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Libertarian Party has cast its bet for the White House on Atlanta activist Chase Oliver, snubbing both ex-President Trump and outsider Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the 2024 race. Oliver, the new face of Libertarian politics, walloped his competition after seven rounds of voting to become the party’s nominee, grabbing more than 60 percent of the final vote, FOX News reported.

In a seismic shift from the political norm, Trump, who was booed at the Libertarian convention and failed to win over the delegates, claimed that he couldn't seek the Libertarian nomination – despite his assertion that he could have seized it with ease. "The reason I didn't file paperwork for the Libertarian Nomination, which I would have absolutely gotten if I wanted it (as everyone could tell by the enthusiasm of the Crowd last night!), was the fact that, as the Republican Nominee, I am not allowed to have the Nomination of another Party," he said in a brassy post on social media. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s pitch at the convention seemed to resonate better, however, his support crumbled, as he managed to scrape together only 19 votes, a paltry 2 percent, and was cut from consideration in the early voting rounds, according to CBS News.

While the nomination of a third-party candidate might typically fly under the radar, Oliver's selection is turning heads due to the tight race anticipated between Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden. With such narrow margins potentially deciding the outcome in key swing states, Oliver’s campaign could play a pivotal role in the 2024 election. Oliver’s platform, highlighted on his campaign website, includes aggressive federal budget cuts aimed at balancing the books, the abolition of the death penalty, the closure of overseas military bases, and pulling the plug on military support to both Israel and Ukraine.

Oliver, characterizing himself as "armed and gay," stumbled upon the Libertarian Party during the 2020 Atlanta Pride Festival, "Politico" reported. He is a staunch supporter of individual liberties, with an inclusive stance on who should be allowed to partake in the American Dream. He thrives on the belief that if immigrants are coming to work and live peacefully, it is not his, nor the government's, business to interfere. His political résumé includes previous runs for the U.S. Senate and House from Georgia, in which he earned about 2 percent of the vote in both bids, demonstrating modest but tangible support.

With a former Florida police officer, Mike ter Maat, by his side as his vice-presidential running mate, Oliver is preparing to target a younger crowd, one that’s disenchanted with the current political landscape and energized by hot-button issues like the Israel-Hamas conflict. He plans to take his message to college campuses and popular social media platforms like Twitch and TikTok in a bid to stir up enthusiasm and climb an uphill battle to the presidency.