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Published on May 22, 2024
City of Milton Lauded for Financial Transparency and Detail by Independent Audit FirmSource: City of Milton

The City of Milton has received some financial high-fives for its transparency in financial reporting. An independent accounting firm has patted city officials on the back for its accurate and thorough documentation, putting the city "above and beyond" what's required by State law, according to a statement obtained by the city's news posting. CPA firm Mauldin & Jenkins performed the annual audit for Fiscal Year 2023 and reported a "clean opinion" on the city's finances.

The praise came from Adam Fraley, Engagement Lead Partner with the firm, who described the city's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report as a "fantastic document". He noted the level of detail was something "most local governments in Georgia, much less the entire United States, do not produce", according to the City of Milton's official announcement. This recognition follows the city’s recent announcement of various agreements for improvement projects, including traffic signal upgrades and a comprehensive classification, and compensation study.

In the same meeting where the auditor's glowing review was shared, the City Council also voted for various initiatives aimed at improving public safety and service efficiency. These included plans to install traffic signal preemption systems to aid the Milton Fire-Rescue Department during emergencies, ensuring they get a green light when responding to calls – a measure likely to save crucial seconds when lives are at stake, the city's news posting reports.

On a different note, Mayor Peyton Jamison called on citizens to remember the nation's heroes at the upcoming Memorial Day event. He gave a special shout-out to retired U.S. Army Col. Nick Satriano and the Milton Veterans Memorial Markers organization for their efforts to honor veterans. The Mayor invited families to join the city’s annual ceremony on May 27. Meanwhile, due to a firefighter/paramedic being deployed with the Georgia National Guard, the Council approved hiring a new firefighter to fill the gap until Fire Station 45 is operational, as detailed in the City of Milton's official announcement.

Citizens can further expect to see advancements with the City Council's approval of several agreements, including an assessment of a 21.37-acre property for a potential new park, as well as updates to the Birmingham Crossroads intersection. The upcoming Council meeting is slated for June 3, signaling more discussions and decisions that could shape the city's path forward.