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Published on May 23, 2024
Denton to Hold Public Hearing on Major Rezoning Proposal for Mixed-Use Neighborhood DevelopmentSource: City of Denton, Texas

A major rezoning bid is on the table in Denton, Texas, stirring the local pot as city planners weigh the transformation of a swath of residential turf into a mixed-use neighborhood. The City of Denton's powers that be, namely the Planning and Zoning Commission, are set to tune their ears to public opinion. In a hearing slated for June, they will contemplate a proposal to morph some 26 acres from a quiet Residential 2 zoning district into a bustle of commercial and residential life under the banner of a Planned Development Overlay Mixed Use Neighborhood, according to the City of Denton, Texas.

The proposal, put forth by McAdams on behalf of a local LLC, could see an area south of Corbin Road and a stone's throw east of I-35W metamorphose if the rezoning goes through. Interested parties with an itch to speak out, or merely spectate, can mark their calendars for the public hearing on June 12 at 6:30 p.m. To be held at the City Hall Council Chambers, those wishing to engage have been directed to the city's website – thus sayeth the officials – for info on how to join the fray.

Bearing the case number PD23-0001, the potential shift in the landscape dovetails with the broader scope of the "Denton 2040 Comprehensive Plan," a blueprint for the city's growth trajectory. A green light from the Planning and Zoning Commission would funnel the application to the doorstep of the City Council for the final thumb up or down. The proposal, as per city protocol, could also suffer mutation to any comparable or more stringent form by decision-makers seeking harmony with the Denton 2040 roadmap.

Agent of change Randi Rivera, who has been fielding inquiries via a lifeline with the digits 214.558.7640, represents the interests of the would-be developers, 195 Denton Partners, LLC. Additional details on the meeting, including the Planning & Zoning Commission’s analysis and related displays, promise to grace the city's website on June 7, a full five days before the public hearing. Those hankering for a deeper dive into the particulars, or, to converse with city planner Angie Manglaris, are invited to call (940) 349-8381 or sling an email to [email protected].

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