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Published on May 28, 2024
Eight lauded as heroes in Washington D.C. for life-saving rescue of injured MPD officerSource: Metropolitan Police Department

Eight heroes were honored with medals after their lifesaving response to an MPD officer's distress call, the Metropolitan Police Department announced early on Monday. The incident, which occurred last October, involved a Harbor Patrol Officer from the MPD who suffered a serious leg injury after falling from his vessel into the tumultuous waters of the Washington Channel. The officer was able to radio for assistance, setting into motion a rapid rescue effort.

According to the official release by the MPD, the injured lawman was executing a safety check when he fell overboard and injured his leg; he managed to call Dock Watch for help, which was quickly received by Officer Scott, Officer Lombardini and Sergeant Snapko hustled to his position and pulling the officer out of the water they discovered the extent of his injuries just as the DC Fire and EMS Fireboat arrived providing crucial aid that stabilized the man and got him prepped for ambulance transport to a local hospital.

MPD Chief Pamela A. Smith lauded the combined efforts of the MPD Harbor Patrol Officers and the DC Fire and EMS crew. “The swift work and seamless coordination of our MPD Harbor Patrol Officers and the DC Fireboat crew saved the life of a fellow officer, and they deserve to be commended for their heroic actions,” she said in a statement from the MPD.

The synergy between the agencies was pivotal in ensuring the officer's survival, with both MPD Harbor Patrol and DC Fireboat crew receiving the MPD Lifesaving Medal for their conduct in the life-or-death scenario, an award presented to officers and citizens who have acted swiftly in life-threatening situations they went above and beyond their duties demonstrating an unwavering dedication to public safety that day saving their colleague from possible death; their courage is a testament to the strength of Washington's emergency response community.