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Published on May 29, 2024
Fort Worth Enhances Ecological Health with Prescribed Burns in Parks and Recreation AreasSource: City of Fort Worth

In a move to outwit Mother Nature herself, Fort Worth Park & Recreation is getting ahead of the game with prescribed burns to help prevent wildfires, all while spicing up local flora and fauna. These controlled blazes are not just tossing a match and hoping for the best but are a sophisticated dance of planning, safety, and red tape that ensures everything goes off without a hitch.

Officials have teamed up to make sure to thoroughly execute these burns without setting the whole town ablaze. Jared Hall, a natural resource specialist at Park & Recreation, reported an ecological renaissance post-burn, with new plants and pollinators cropping up where there was zilch before. "We have seen many important native plants pop up after the fire that were not present before the burn," Hall said, as per the City of Fort Worth. The pros of these fires are clear, wildlife is digging it and wildflowers are positively booming.

Don't freak out if your local park looks like a scorched earth scene from a post-apocalyptic flick—this is normal and part of the rebirth magic. Chisholm Trail Community Center and Fort Worth Botanic Garden are just a couple of spots already benefiting from this fiery conservation strategy. And yes, the green does make a comeback in style after a bit of rain works its magic, washing away the ash.

With the success of the burns, more parks are set to join this hot rotation, including Rolling Hills Tree Farm and Rock Creek Ranch Park. "We will slowly add in new parks to the rotation as we have time to work through the planning and permitting processes," Hall continued to explain, according to the City of Fort Worth. It's a slow and steady wins-the-race kind of situation to keep Fort Worth both lush and safe.