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Published on May 28, 2024
Houston METRO Park & Ride Service Resumes Into Downtown Amid Ongoing Road RepairsSource: X/Downtown Houston

Houston commuters can finally take a sigh of relief as METRO Park & Ride Bus service gears up to fully get running again into Downtown, Houston this Tuesday. After enduring roadblocks and detours, key streets such as Milam Street are back in action, and McKinney has flung open eastbound from Milam, with Travis also partially clearing up its act. Though some areas still nurse the wounds of heavy damage, particularly the southwest corner of Downtown, the METRO is buzzing with activity once more.

It's not all smooth sailing; travelers will still have to navigate a maze of closed streets and pedestrian byways. Among the closures are Smith from Clay to Pease and Andrews from Smith to Shaw. Bell rings no buses from Milam to Smith, while Louisiana is tying knots from Pease to Clay and from Polk to McKinney. For those plotting their path via Dallas, it’s a hard stop from Smith to Milam, and the saga continues with closures on Lamar and McKinney. Partial barricades hold up Travis from Lamar to McKinney and from Franklin to Commerce. According to Downtown Houston's latest update, it’s best to check the map and list for the latest in road and sidewalk closures.

There's a silver lining for the U.S. 290 HOV/HOT lane users, though. Those speedy express lanes will also reopen on Tuesday, promising to zip commuters as efficiently as they once did. Keen on staying ahead of the transportation game, METRO encourages riders to tune into their Service Alerts. These real-time updates are as close as a click away at the METRO website, or for the more tech-savvy, the ONE to Ride app and METRO's social media channels are primed with information.

Riders can easily call or text their customer service team at 713-635-4000 for assistance. As Houstonians steer through this post-closure landscape, resources abound to help easily navigate detours and get back to crusading through the concrete jungle. METRO stands poised to ensure that even in the grip of healing roadways, the pulse of transit thumps on.

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