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Published on May 15, 2024
Philadelphia Police Seek Armed Suspect in Recent Carjacking and Robbery in 35th DistrictSource: Philadelphia Police Department

Philadelphia police are on the hunt for an armed suspect following a brazen robbery and carjacking in the city's 35th District earlier this month. The incident, caught on camera, involves a suspect who allegedly threatened a driver with a gun, according to officials.

The Philadelphia Police Department's Northwest Detective Division released footage and details of the May 7th event, in which an 'unknown black male' is said to have jeopardized the safety of a citizen at 1300 Lindley Ave at approximately 5:10 a.m. The suspect, who was seen arriving in a silver Ford Taurus on surveillance from city and local business cameras, reportedly opened the driver's door, entered the vehicle, and compelled the individual at gunpoint to drive before firing a shot as the victim fled, reports the Philadelphia Police blotter. Mercifully, the bullets did not hit the victim.

Descriptions provided by the authorities depict the suspect as an approximately 20-year-old black male wearing a hoodie marked with the foreboding message "TRUSTNO.1." After the confrontation, both cars were seen at 4500 North 11th St where the offenders abandoned the Ford Fusion, only for it to be recovered later that morning along with the Ford Taurus, which was used by the suspect to slip away. The Ford Taurus in question is noted for its tinted windows, but the Pennsylvania license plate remains unknown.

The Philadelphia Police urge anyone with information to come forward. With the perpetrator still at large, officials are requesting public assistance in identifying the individual involved, and they ask that tips be directed to the Northwest Detective Division.