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Published on May 20, 2024
San Antonio Missions Swap Bats for Wetsuits in Team-Building Outing at SeaWorld San AntonioSource: Google Street View

In a surprising twist to their regular game plan, the San Antonio Missions baseball team ditched the diamond for a splashy outing at SeaWorld San Antonio. The players were seen swapping their baseball bats for wetsuits and making a dive into marine life, all captured in an unforgettable day documented by SeaWorld.

The team, currently ploughing through their mid-season schedule, was reported to have taken a break from their usual grind to swim with bottlenose dolphins. They were found to first have to be suited up by SeaWorld staff who scrambled to find wetsuits that could fit the athletic builds of the Padres' prospects. A challenge, sure, but not one too great for the staff.

During the event, organized for Tuesday, the players got hands-on experience feeding the dolphins and watching the marine creatures perform behaviors. According to KSAT, this excursion also included educational talks on the animals' care and SeaWorld’s rescue and conservation efforts. It wasn't all about the dolphins though, as the players had the opportunity to rub elbows with other SeaWorld residents, like a rescued bald eagle and a nine-banded armadillo.

One unidentified player expressed his initial nerves about the experience, later describing the event as a bonding one, "We all came into it a little bit nervous not knowing what to expect," he told FOX San Antonio. "But, I think we all got closer today." The players also got to enjoy a spin around Discovery Point's aquarium facilities, taking in sights of fish and sharks cohabitating in their vast, blue tanks.

This team outing adds a twist to what we expect from athletes, often seen strictly within the context of their sports. It illustrates that sometimes, to really to hit a team-building home run, you have to step out of the typical play zone. With the season still rolling out, fans will have to wait and see if swimming with dolphins translates into a winning strategy for the San Antonio Missions.