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Published on May 23, 2024
San Francisco Man Convicted in Tenderloin Shooting, Facing 25 Years in PrisonSource: Google Street View

A San Francisco man has been found guilty by a jury for charges in a Tenderloin neighborhood shooting that left one man dead and another injured, as announced by the San Francisco District Attorney's office. Jhacorey Wyatt, 28, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and being a felon in possession of a firearm following a violent altercation that resulted in gunfire on August 13, 2021. Wyatt, now facing a potential 25-year prison sentence, is scheduled for sentencing on August 27.

During the late evening hours when the Tenderloin district was buzzing with city life, "Mr. Wyatt fired three to four shots at a man in front of the Fishtail Market," hitting the intended target in the arm, chest, and torso – a man who survived the brutal shooting. A tragic stray bullet claimed the life of a second man, who, at the time, was seated in a wheelchair between Wyatt and the survivor, as per official statements. Sensing the gravity of the moment, Wyatt then made his escape in a black Lexus SUV. This vehicle contributed to his rapid apprehension three days later, thanks to critical surveillance footage from the San Francisco police, according to the District Attorney's office.

"The jury's verdict holds Mr. Wyatt accountable for his extremely dangerous and reckless behavior," said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. She continued, "With justice done, my office will continue to fight on to protect the safety of the public and do everything we can to reduce gun violence in our city." This case, borne out of an intensive collaboration between legal and law enforcement professionals, similarly saw Assistant District Attorney Leigh Frazier taking charge in court, securing the conviction with the help of a dedicated team.

ADA Leigh Frazier didn't hesitate to point out the hazardous nature of the defendant's actions in an already fraught neighborhood, stating via the press release, "The defendant recklessly fired a handgun on a crowded street, killing one man and seriously injuring another." Frazier added, reflecting on the trial's outcome and the collective effort involved, "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our jurors for their time and attention on this case. Their verdict holds the defendant accountable, and brings long-awaited justice to the victims and their loved ones." As the judicial process concludes, the Tenderloin community awaits the closure that Wyatt's sentencing may bring.