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Published on June 15, 2024
Colma Petty Theft Escalates to Felony After Suspect Resists and Assaults OfficerSource: Google Street View

In a recent outburst of petty crime that escalated to a felony by sheer defiance, a man in Colma faces multiple charges after an incident occurred earlier this month. As reported by the Colma Police Department on June 14, an occurrence of seemingly routine thievery took an aggressive turn, endangering officers and augmenting penalties for the culprit.

The situation unfolded on June 7, when Colma officers, alerted to an in-progress theft, converged on a business located at the 5000 block of Junipero Serra Boulevard. There, they encountered Dylan Gomez, a 19-year-old San Bruno resident, attempting to flee with stolen items. Upon exiting the business with about $185.93 worth of merchandise, Gomez was ordered to stop, instead, he initiated a chase by dashing away from law enforcement.

The officers quickly caught up to Gomez, but as they tried to apprehend him, the situation intensified. Gomez not only physically resisted arrest but proceeded to spit in an officer’s face, displaying a marked escalation from mere theft to an assault on a peace officer. His actions did not cease upon being handcuffed; he continued his resistance and verbally threatened the officers. Measures were taken to restrain Gomez further to ensure the safety of all involved.

Ultimately, Gomez was arrested and is now facing several charges, including "resisting a peace officer with threats of violence or force, resisting a peace officer and petty theft", as stated by the Colma Police Department. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail after the altercation. The items stolen from the business, valued at under two hundred dollars, might have resulted in a misdemeanor, but the confrontational choices of Gomez have led to much graver consequences.