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Published on May 28, 2024
Snohomish County Announces $15 Million Drive for Affordable Housing, Calls for Applications by June 17Source: Unsplash/ Blake Wheeler

Snohomish County has thrown open the doors for applications to a whopping $15 million pot aimed at boosting affordable housing efforts. The county is banking big on nonprofit organizations, for-profit developers, and government agencies to throw their hats in the ring for projects that will lend a helping hand to low-income residents in the county. The deadline to submit project pitches is set for June 17, ensuring there's still a small window of opportunity for those looking to make a mark, according to an announcement by the Snohomish County.

With an eye on 2025, Snohomish County is angling to harness about $2.2 million in federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds, combining that, with an ambitious $13 million slice from the 2024 Housing and Behavioral Health Capital Funds. This injection of cash, approved by the County Council last December, is only a fragment of a proposed $114 million five-year splurge aimed at churning out 550 new affordable housing units, alongside 150 units dedicated for emergency bridge housing complimented by an expansion in behavioral health resources.

In a move that underscores the gravity of the housing crunch in the county – and the wider region – Executive Dave Somers did not mince words, "A crisis of this scale and human impact requires urgent, bold action. These funds will help us take a step forward in increasing affordable housing capacity," Snohomish County declared. Urging eligible groups to get in the mix, Somers's rallying cry paints the stark challenge of battling a housing crisis seeded by skyrocketing costs and a surge in individuals and families caught in the unforgiving grip of street homelessness.

Feeling the heat from unmatched demand, Snohomish County Council Chair Jared Mead highlighted the pressures stoked by an increasingly tight affordable housing market and inflation's fierce bite. "The Housing & Behavioral Health Capital Fund combined with federal monies, will have far-reaching impacts to our community in addressing this vital need, benefitting low-income families as well as those who are unhoused," Mead affirmed as conveyed by the Snohomish County announcement. The county stands ready to shepherd through applications that hold promise for the community's future.

Looking to dust off their proposal pens, interested applicants should mark their calendars for virtual application workshops on May 29 and 30, with precise timings and access information laid out in the official Notice of Funding Opportunity application materials. Ready for a deep dive into the submission rigmarole? You can find all you need to know, including how to join the virtual scramble for funding at the Snohomish County official website, but don’t drag your feet – the clock's ticking, and that June 17 application cut-off will come faster than you think.