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Published on May 20, 2024
Summer Jobs with Heart, Ice Towel Staff Needed to Protect Pot-Bellied Pigs in MaranaSource: Facebook/Anderson Acres Pig Rescue

In Marana, Arizona, a unique job opportunity beckons for those who enjoy working with animals and don't mind the heat. The Ironwood Pig Sanctuary is on the hunt for individuals willing to dedicate their summer to the welfare of pot-bellied pigs, offering $15 an hour for their "ice towel staff," according to a Facebook post sourced by ABC15. Applicants will have a chance to make a tangible difference in the well-being of over 600 pigs that consider the sanctuary their home.

The job demands a variety of tasks tailored to combat the scorching summer temperatures that can pose a significant threat to these animals. Crew members must apply cooling towels to pigs to help prevent overheating, according to the sanctuary's post. Operating from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., workers will also be responsible for staying with pigs stricken by the heat, pouring cool water over them, and rubbing them with ice. Lending an attentive eye to the older pigs, ensuring they cope well in the summer sun, is another crucial duty, as reported by KGUN9.

Those who take on the role will also find themselves needing to crawl into pig shelters, helping them up and out and spraying them down to lower their body temperatures. The sanctuary is not only providing a competitive hourly wage but also includes a gas stipend and insurance, adding financial incentives to the already rewarding experience of caring for these creatures.

The Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, located at 34656 E. Crystal Visions Road in Marana, has been a safe haven for pot-bellied pigs that otherwise would have nowhere to go. "There is really no safety net for these pigs," Mary Schanz told ABC15 in an interview. "Their lives depend on us, really." With such profound dependence, the sanctuary's mission becomes all the more salient during the challenging summer months. Prospective employees passionate about animal welfare are encouraged to call 1-520-406-6604 for more information on joining the sanctuary's efforts.