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Published on May 27, 2024
Teen Killed, Six Wounded in Lansing Shooting, Mayor Calls for Stricter Gun ControlSource: Google Street View

A teenager was killed, and six others were wounded following a shooting in Lansing early Monday. The incident occurred at approximately 2:50 A.M. in the 300 block of River Front Drive near a local crowd hotspot, CBS Detroit reported.

Officers arrived on the scene discovering multiple victims amidst a large gathering of people, the 17-year-old male among them was pronounced dead at a hospital. The wounded range in age from 15-20 years old, and at least one is in critical condition, WLNS disclosed.

The Lansing Police Department, responding to the crisis, has not yet made any arrests and believes the shootout to be an isolated incident. An open investigation is ongoing as Lansing Police Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators are actively piecing together the evening's events, seeking to understand what led to the violence. The public has been urged to come forward with any knowledge they have, urged to break the silence, the wall of the unknown.

In a statement of concern and frustration over the event, Mayor Andy Schor said, “This is a case of people using guns to settle arguments, my thoughts go out to the victims and their families. The fact simply remains that access to guns is too easy. These young people should not have had these guns." In his plea, Schor calls for higher measures of control "We need more action by the state and federal governments to control access to guns," he emphasized, as WILH reports. He promised accountability and aggressive pursuit of those responsible for the guns used in the shooting, adding that "Access to, and willingness to use a gun is too easy and we will arrest all parties responsible. This has to stop."

Lansing residents with information related to the shooting are encouraged to contact Lansing police at 517-483-4600, extension 5, or Crime Stoppers at 517-483-7867.