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Published on May 24, 2024
Tennessee Department of Human Services Announces $10 Million Fatherhood Grant ProgramSource: Unsplash/Giorgio Trovato

To champion the role of fathers across the Volunteer State, the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) is rolling out a hefty $10 million check in the form of a new Fatherhood Grant Program. This initiative will offer financial assistance to organizations dedicated to bolstering fatherhood and family support services. The program aims to collaborate with various stakeholders—from policy wonks to grass-roots workers—to reinforce the benefits that engaged fatherhood brings to children, families, and the broader community, as reported by the TDHS.

Throwing the gauntlet open, TDHS has called upon public, private, and nonprofit agencies to step up and snatch grants by the looming June 30 deadline, which will further power their efforts in delivering father-focused support; this includes a suite of diverse programs from teaching job skills to nurturing family bonds, a comprehensive bid to lay a stronger societal foundation. TDHS Commissioner Clarence H. Carter underlined the imperative of dual parental involvement, stating, "We fervently believe that the active involvement of both parents is not only essential for children and families but also for the well-being of communities and the entire state of Tennessee."

Carter emphasizes that through this branch of funding, agencies are anticipated to lay out diverse services like mentorship and educational programs, skills workshops, and job placement pearls of wisdom, alongside money matters guidance, according to the TDHS. This is a strategic move by the TDHS to saddle up with other organizations in reaching for a common goal—the empowerment and advancement of fathers throughout Tennessee.