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Published on May 17, 2024
Travis County Eviction Filings Predicted to Hit Record High in 2024, BASTA Austin ReportsSource: Facebook / Travis County, Texas

Tenants in Travis County could be facing an all-time high in eviction filings in 2024, signaling a worrying trend for the local population, particularly among communities of color. This alarming forecast is based on an analysis by BASTA Austin, a tenant rights group that launched a newly developed eviction tracking tool, as reported by KXAN.

Comparing year-over-year data, there were roughly 200 evictions filed in April 2022, but that number ballooned to 800 in the same month this year. The uptick was observed after a pandemic period lull, with over 10,500 evictions recorded in 2023. Predictions generated by BASTA’s online dashboard, which is touted as the first of its kind in the area, were obtained in a report by FOX 7 Austin, showing that the numbers are set to climb even higher.

"Evictions can be so devastating to every part of a tenant's life, their physical well-being, their emotional well-being, and that of their family," Noelia Mann, the interim director with BASTA Eviction Mitigation Team, told FOX 7 Austin. Reinforcing this sentiment, Peishi Cheng, a data analyst with BASTA Austin, emphasized to KXAN the human toll behind the statistics, "as each number represents a household potentially lost."

The sharp rise in evictions mirrors the escalating rent prices over the past decade, placing many tenants on the edge of displacement, especially where people of color reside. In response to the rising tide of evictions, BASTA Austin is championing for solutions such as long-term rental assistance, the right to counsel for tenants, and a registry for rentals that could keep close tabs on the unfolding crisis. The efficacy of these eviction prevention plans remains to be seen as the county grapples with a problem that shows troubling signs of growth.

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