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Published on May 15, 2024
Tri-City Animal Shelter Saves Orphaned Opossums, DeSoto Police Assist in Rescue EffortSource: DeSoto Police Department

In a heartwarming rescue that could've been straight out of a Disney flick—but most definitely wasn’t—Tri-City Animal Shelter staff showed their softer side after a group of orphaned opossums was found cuddled on the side of a house. The marsupial infants, no doubt wriggling and hissing in true opossum fashion, were promptly scooped up by the kind souls at the DeSoto Police Department’s animal control unit.

The unfortunate critters, in need of care that extends beyond the scope of local animal shelters, are slated to expertly be rehabilitated at a specialized facility. Eager to ensure the survival of these tiny, toothy beasts, the shelter took to social media, informing the public of their newest, snout-nosed guests. In a statement made by their Animal Control Officers on Facebook, they noted as per the DeSoto Police Department, "The kind-hearted staff at the shelter has decided to send them to a rehabilitation center where they can receive the love and care they need to survive."

At a time when heartwarming animal tales are often lost in the shuffle of the ceaseless news cycle, this story serves as a gentle reminder of the quiet, continuous efforts made by local authorities to safeguard all inhabitants—be they human or opossum. It's not often our nocturnal neighbors receive the spotlight, but when they do, it appears they’re in capable, compassionate hands. Tri-City Animal Shelter has a history of nurturing animals in need, a testament to their unwavering dedication to the furrier residents of the community.

There’s no telling whether these possum babies will fully grasp the uncertain fate they narrowly avoided, but it's clear they're now set to possibly thrive under the dedicated care of the rehab center. "We’re hopeful that these little ones will thrive under the nurturing hands of dedicated professionals,” the DeSoto Animal Control said in a statement. And while no one can predict the future, these opossums' odds have certainly improved, setting the scene for a potentially happy ending that's all too rare in the wild.