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Published on June 22, 2024
Atlanta Remembers Maynard Jackson on 21st Anniversary of His Passing: Honoring a Legacy of Progressive Change and GrowthSource: Wikipedia/State Archives of North Carolina, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

Reflecting on a pivotal figure in Atlanta's history, Sunday marked the 21st anniversary of the passing of Maynard Jackson, a man who not only broke racial barriers by becoming Atlanta's first Black mayor but also helped shape the city's political and social landscape. Jackson's three terms in office, spanning 1974 to 1982 and then from 1990 to 1994, were times of progressive change and substantial growth for the city.

In recognition of his contributions, "Closer Look with Rose Scott" featured retrospectives on Jackson's legacy. Guests included his widow, Valerie Jackson, the Former First Lady of Atlanta, who offered intimate insights into the late mayor's vision and dedication. "He was a statesman,” Valerie Jackson said in an interview obtained by WABE. “His time in office was historical not just for Atlanta but for all who look up to leaders that challenge the status quo and strive for inclusivity."

The episode served as a reminder of Jackson's unwavering commitment to civil rights and economic empowerment within the African American community. Throughout his mayorship, he was known for pioneering affirmative action programs and ensuring minorities had greater access to municipal contracts—efforts that sparked both acclaim and controversy in their time.

Jackson's leadership extended beyond policies; he was also a catalyst for major developments in the city, including the expansion of Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, now known as Hartsfield-Jackson. The airport's renaming serves as a permanent testament to he mayor's influence on Atlanta's infrastructure and his lasting impact on the city’s stature as a transportation hub.

As Atlanta continues to evolve, the lessons from Jackson's tenure remain relevant. His determination to forge a city that was both economically robust and socially just is a chapter of Atlanta's history that continues to offer guidance to current and future leaders alike.