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Published on June 04, 2024
"COMPLEXITY" Exhibition Showcases DogTown Collection Graffiti Art at Seattle's King Street StationSource: Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Graffiti fans, get ready to hit the streets of Seattle because the legendary DogTown Collection is skidding into the Arts at King Street Station. The exhibit, dubbed "COMPLEXITY," is a gritty walkthrough of graffiti history, brought to you by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and their partners The American Graffiti & Urban Art Conservation Project and APEA Art & Cultural Center, as reported by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

With over 20 pieces from the DogTown Collection, revered for being slathered by some of the most influential graffiti writers of the past half-century, the exhibit promises a bold dive into the culture. The immersive experience doesn't stop at old-school masterpieces; local taggers are throwing in their works, including relics like black books and pre-Instagram era magazines. It's a throwback and a showcase rolled into one.

Curators Sire One and Baby-G Carswell are steering this ship. According to the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, they’re on a mission to school audiences on how complex graffiti and aerosol expressionism can be no pun intended. The curators are pulling back the curtain, providing an unfiltered glimpse into what graffiti is, and more importantly, what it represents.

If you're itching for more than just visual stimulation, the opening event on June 6 at King Street Station is where you'll want to plant your feet. Four artists will get their paint on live from 4 to 6 p.m. while DJ Supreme La Rock sets the mood from 5 to 8 p.m., as per the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. And to seal the deal, Natoncks Metsu is bringing the bites. As the music spins, attendees will find connecting to the art a breeze, with live action linking directly to the gallery displays inside.