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Published on June 18, 2024
Detroit Man Arrested for Cocaine Possession and Larceny After Dine-and-Dash at Kona Grill in TroySource: Google Street View

A dine-and-dash incident turned into a drug arrest at Kona Grill in Troy, Michigan earlier this month, when a Detroit man and two women left the establishment without settling their bill. FOX 2 reports that the trio ordered food and drinks at the restaurant's bar on June 7 around 10 p.m., only to walk out with their alcoholic beverages - and the glasses they were served in - following a dispute with the staff.

Police were initially unable to locate the individuals after they abruptly departed the premises. However, a crucial oversight, in the form of a forgotten cell phone left at the bar, led to the male suspect's downfall. as per FOX 2, the man returned to the restaurant to retrieve the phone, a move that presented police with the opportunity to apprehend him in the parking lot as he attempted once more to freely leave.

The man was taken into custody after officers discovered a plastic wrapper containing cocaine under his foot. In a statement obtained by WWJ Newsradio, the suspect admitted the substance was indeed cocaine. He faces charges of larceny in a building, possession of cocaine, and defrauding an innkeeper. His companions have not been located or identified in relation to the incident.

CBS Detroit added that the troubles with these customers began after the man and the two women became "belligerent" with the bar staff. They too highlighted the ironic, almost poetic justice of the man's return to the scene of the unsettled tab. "Later that evening, officers were called back to the restaurant because the man had allegedly returned," as CBS Detroit reported, indicating that the man's unfortunate desire to retrieve his phone effectively set to seal his fate that night. The man, whose name has not been released, was booked into the Troy Police lock-up following his arrest.

The Troy police have not released any further information on the identity of the two women involved or whether they also intend to pursue charges against them.