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Published on June 13, 2024
Detroit Security Guard Arrested for Allegedly Brandishing Gun in I-94 Road Rage IncidentSource: State of Michigan

A Detroit security guard was arrested this past Tuesday after brandishing a handgun at another driver during a rush-hour merge onto Interstate 94, as reported by Michigan State Police and captured by the aggrieved party on camera.

According to The Detroit News, the incident occurred at approximately 6:40 a.m. on the Chalmers Avenue ramp where the 22-year-old, on-duty security guard, clad in his uniform, allegedly escalated a freeway merging dispute to a potentially deadly altercation by drawing his weapon alongside the other vehicle, before speeding away, he was driving a car marked with the insignia of a private security company, this serious breach of protocol and public safety came amidst a week that saw 13 people dead and 150 seriously injured on Michigan roadways.

Witnesses in the victim's car provided video evidence of the incident, along with clear sightings of both the suspect's license plate and his uniform, these details helped the Michigan State Police swiftly pin down the suspect for questioning and the subsequent retrieval of two handguns. The owner of the security company was cooperative in the investigation, according to friends of the force.

"Driving is not a competition," said MSP First Lt. Mike Shaw, pointing out the recklessness of turning a minor traffic incident into a felony, he stated clearly there's no rational reason to pull a gun during an everyday driving dispute, promoting calm and safe driving habits foster a better community for all, these remarks were noted by FOX 2 Detroit.

The suspect, not publicly named, is being held at the Detroit Detention Center, pending a review of the case by the Wayne County prosecutor for possible charges, as reported by WWJ Newsradio.

The roadways' casualty count for the week of June 4 to June 11, while still grim, shows a decrease from the previous year's statistics, reflecting a potential downturn in fatal traffic incidents, as reported by the Michigan State Police.