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Published on June 21, 2024
Ellis County Issues Advisory on Road Closures and Flood Safety MeasuresSource: Google Street View

Ellis County, Texas residents, take note: a series of road closures may impact your travel plans. On June 20, the county released an advisory urging locals to take caution in the face of high water incidents. A public service reminder sternly advises, "Stay Safe!  Don’t drown, turn around!" This warning suggests that attempting to traverse flooded roads is a perilous choice, according to Ellis County, Texas.

The county's live updates indicate ongoing road closures and are subject to modification with the latest reports. The Ellis County, Texas website promises to provide timely information as events unfold. Those who encounter waterlogged byways are encouraged to alert authorities, including the County Precinct, Sheriff’s Office, or local police. In a community effort to prevent accidents, vigilance is not just commended, it's requested.

With safety as the primary concern, the community is reminded to avoid assuming the passability of flooded roads. It's a deceptive risk, with water's power capable of sweeping vehicles away. Reporting high water incidents ensures that road closures can be promptly added to the county's notice, guiding fellow drivers towards safer routes. For the up-to-date list of denied passages, the Ellis County, Texas website remains the go-to resource.