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Published on June 21, 2024
Grand Prairie Police Department Enhances Support for Residents With Disabilities Through COPE InitiativeSource: Google Street View

In response to the needs of residents with mental illness and cognitive disabilities, the Grand Prairie Police Department is extending its community services through its COPE (Community Outreach Partnership Education) initiative. An upcoming event, detailed in a recent Facebook post of the Grand Prairie Police Department, invites local guardians and those with power of attorney to register their loved ones into the program. This provides an avenue for individuals facing life with such conditions to gain more tailored assistance from the city's police force.

The registration event is scheduled from 6 to 8 pm on June 20, at the Public Safety Building, located at 1525 Arkansas Ln in Grand Prairie, Texas. Requirements for enrollment include being a resident of Grand Prairie, and for those over 18, having a guardian or power of attorney must be presented to fully register. The initiative is part of the department's increased focus to further slow to create an inclusive network that benefits the city's vulnerable populations.

COPE aims to foster a better relationship between the police and those in the community who may have unique needs due to their mental and cognitive challenges. In the past, bridging this gap has proven essential in cultivating trust and ensuring safety. By knowing these individuals beforehand and understanding their specific circumstances, officers can provide a response that is informed, compassionate, and holds the dignity of the individual.