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Published on June 21, 2024
Los Angeles Enjoys Sunshine with Highs of 84 Degrees Amid Air Quality Alert WarningSource: Unsplash/Olenka Kotyk

Los Angeles residents are set to bask in sunny weather today with temperatures reaching a high near 84 degrees, as a light wind picks up in the afternoon according to the National Weather Service. The clear skies are not entirely safe for enjoyment, however, as an Air Quality Alert has been issued, warning of elevated ozone levels that can pose respiratory health risks.

Beginning from 11 AM Friday until 7 PM PDT Tuesday, the South Coast Air Quality Management District advises heightened caution. This alert particularly concerns vulnerable populations such as children, older adults, and individuals with conditions like asthma or COPD who "may be more sensitive to health effects of ozone." The forecast for the coming week also indicates patchy fog at night, which may bring relief from the sun but doesn't alleviate the concern for air quality.

The sunny streak is expected to continue through next Thursday, with nighttime forecasts showing mostly clear skies and low temperatures averaging around 66 degrees. While daytime conditions present an ideal time for outdoor activities, health officials recommend limiting exposure during peak sun hours to minimize the risk of health issues linked to poor air quality.

Strategies to reduce ozone pollution during this period include limiting the use of gas-powered equipment and delaying refueling cars until evening hours. "To help minimize ozone air pollution levels," the Air Quality Alert states, "conserve electricity and set your air conditioner at a higher temperature." By taking these steps, residents can play a part in maintaining healthier air conditions across the region.

The alert informs the public to check air quality levels through the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s website or mobile app, which provides updates on current and forecasted conditions. As the weekend and new week unfold, monitoring these channels will be crucial for those planning to spend time outside, ensuring outdoor activities are safe and enjoyable under Los Angeles’s sunny skies.