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Published on June 18, 2024
Marine Veteran and Family Receive Custom-Adapted, Mortgage-Free Home in Kyle, Texas Through Helping a Hero InitiativeSource: Unsplash / Tierra Mallorca

In Kyle, Texas, a commendable act of charity has granted a Marine veteran and his family a new lease on life—a home built to cater to their unique needs. Corporal Sebastian Gallegos, together with his wife Jasmine and their son Zolo, was handed the keys to a fully adapted, mortgage-free home as part of Helping a Hero's "100 Homes Challenge." The initiative is focused on building houses for wounded veterans, and Gallegos, who endured severe injuries in Afghanistan, represents the latest beneficiary of the generous endeavor.

The house is engineered with practical modifications to assist Gallegos, who lost an arm and battles ongoing health issues including arthritis, nerve damage, and shrapnel wounds. These adaptations include expanded doorways, metal platforms for prosthetic attachment, and one-arm-adjustable blinds. One of the poignant touches is a specialized metal platform in the bedroom. "I would tear up things because I push in really hard. And so in the bedroom, Lennar actually built a metal platform for me to push in my arm. And, because, all of the issues that I've had, tearing up walls, especially drywall," Gallegos spoke to FOX 7 Austin.

Gallegos, who enlisted in the Marines straight after high school, is a survivor among his unit that faced an explosive attack in Afghanistan, losing 26 of his comrades. The home provides an environment where Gallegos can focus on recovery and fatherhood without the home itself being an obstacle. "Just to think, the 26 men that died, I get the opportunity to be a father here and have the opportunity to raise my son at home," according to an interview with FOX 7 Austin, Gallegos said.

The family has more to celebrate with the arrival of another child this fall, and the new four-bedroom home is a sanctuary they hold dear. Gallegos expressed his gratitude for a specially designed shower, safety features, and a device in the bathroom that assists with his prosthetics. "I know how much expenses go into it, and that I don't have to work so hard to be able to spend more time with my son and spend more time fighting the VA to get prosthetics. And I'm not going to take that investment lightly," Gallegos told a YouTube report. The Helping a Hero organization has enabled Gallegos to anticipate a future where his service and sacrifices are respected through the domain of a home that respects his needs.