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Published on June 11, 2024
Minneapolis Celebrates New Safe Routes to School Mural Project in South Folwell NeighborhoodSource: Facebook/Minneapolis Arts & Cultural Affairs

Minneapolis just got a little more colorful, thanks to the hands and minds of artists Constanza Caraballo and Marco Aguero, whose collaboration painted a new narrative on the streets quite literally. Last Friday, the South Folwell neighborhood celebrated the completion of a vibrant new series of asphalt art murals, intended to enhance the Safe Routes to Schools Project. The initiative, a collaboration with Minneapolis Public Schools, is now bedecking the daily commutes of numerous students with lively and engaging visual art.

Alongside local students and community members, city council representatives Jason Chavez from Ward 9 and Aurin Chowdhury from Ward 12 marked the occasion, evidencing the city's investment in art as a vector for community safety and engagement and in the activity rich with murmurs of admiration and festivity, onlookers were seen tracing the colorful designs with their fingertips, this interactive element shedding a light on the tactile relationship between a city and its inhabitants.

The project underscores an approach that intersects public art with urban planning, aiming to both beautify cityscapes and create safer pedestrian pathways. According to a Facebook post by the Minneapolis Ward 9 office, the murals are not just aesthetically appealing but are strategically placed to slow down traffic, creating a more secure environment for children traveling to and from school.