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Published on June 22, 2024
Philadelphia Spotlights LGBTQ+ Intimate Partner Violence Prevention During Pride MonthSource: City of Philadelphia

June is Pride Month, and while the vibe is celebratory, it's also a crucial time to spotlight the work being done to support safe LGBTQ+ relationships, as reported by the City of Philadelphia's website. Unfortunately, intimate partner violence (IPV) disproportionately affects the LGBTQ+ community due to various factors, including, but not limited to, heightened vulnerabilities linked to marginalization.

In addressing the need for strong, healthy relationships, the City recognizes the Mazzoni Center’s efforts with their Affirming Hearts Academy in Philadelphia, where participants are equipped with the knowledge about healthy relationships, such as understanding consent and setting boundaries, gaining invaluable tools that even someone commented, “I would have signed up for this class in a heartbeat if I saw this offered at the LGBT clinics or centers in LA or NYC when I was living there.” according to a Phialdelphia’s government communication.

But it's not just individuals who stand to gain from these initiatives. The Mazzoni Center also provides LGBTQ+ IPV training for professionals, crucial for those working in LGBTQ+ spaces that may be the first point of help during a crisis, the Mazzoni Center, as a member of Shared Safety, joins more than thirty other agencies to beef up the support system for survivors in Philadelphia.

The establishment of the new Shared Safety LGBTQ+ Working Group signifies another stride forward, this group aims to foster connections between various LGBTQ+ organizations and Shared Safety, fortifying the network of care for those affected by IPV, "This working group will be a wonderful opportunity to engage with other organizations to ensure LGBTQ+ folks have someone who is affirming and ready to help them wherever they go – whether that be an IPV organization or a LGBTQ+ center," May Booth, Lead Education Specialist at the Mazzoni Center, told the City of Philadelphia.