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Published on June 16, 2024
San Antonio's Tourism Forecast for 2024 Looks Upbeat, Visit San Antonio Provides Positive Update Source: Unsplash/ weston m

San Antonio's tourism prospects look bright as city officials share an optimistic forecast for the remainder of 2024. During a presentation to the Economic Workforce Development Committee, officials from Visit San Antonio highlighted the current and expected successes in the local tourism sector, as reported by FOX San Antonio.

Visit San Antonio's Chief Marketing Officer, Andres Munoz expressed enthusiasm about the progress of their initiatives. He said, "We're very happy and excited about it," looking at positive tourism trends this year. Munoz also noted, "A lot of new things have come from the industry into San Antonio," pointing out that operational goals for 2024 are likely to be met by the end of summer. According to FOX San Antonio, marketing campaigns like "Many Cools of San Antonio" have already started making an impact, enticing both local, and international tourists with unique city attractions.

Furthermore, convention bookings, a substantial revenue source for the city, are up as well. "The pace of bookings of conventions is very positive. We're at 74% or so, so that pace is growing significantly," Munoz told the committee. These conventions not only enrich the city's economy but also contribute to the collaborative spirit San Antonio is known for.

In recognition of the significant role tourism and hospitality play in San Antonio's success, the city recently celebrated National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) from May 19-25. Reflecting on the event, Marc Anderson, President and CEO of Visit San Antonio, underlined the importance of the industry with these words: "It is crucial that we continue to shine a spotlight on the power of tourism and hospitality and its transformative impact on local economies." In 2022, this sector generated a record $19 billion in economic impact while supporting over 140,000 employees locally–and over $261 million of those earnings supported city taxes, as Visit San Antonio's news release highlighted.

Visit San Antonio also launched the San Antonio Hospitality Champion program during NTTW, an educational initiative to empower local citizens to advocate for their city. This new designation available on the Visit San Antonio website offers both online courses and in-person education, according to Visit San Antonio's news release. As U.S. Travel Association statistics affirm, travel and tourism not only drive economic growth but also support millions of American jobs.