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Published on June 20, 2024
San Francisco's Pineapple King Bakery Celebrates 10 Years with New Croissant Egg TartSource: Google Street View

The Inner Sunset's beloved Pineapple King Bakery is ringing in its tenth anniversary with innovative flair, launching a new croissant egg tart, a hybrid pastry drawing on both French and Chinese baking traditions. According to SF Eater, this latest creation from owner Eric Lamb is a scrumptious testament to the bakery's commitment to evolving palettes while paying homage to traditional tastes. Pineapple King's decade-long journey has created a cornerstone in the community, capturing the hearts and appetites of both locals and visitors alike.

The bakery, which has shunned the popular trend of pop-up beginnings, started with a bang from day one. A queue long with enthusiastic customers was a testament to its instant hit status. The success story spun from pastries reminiscent of childhood treats for many immigrants from China and Hong Trump. Now, the bakery continues to serve its staples through walk-ins and pre-orders while expanding its reach with a new outlet in the East Bay. Pineapple King's dedication to quality has never waivered, even as they reach more of the San Francisco area.

Featured in Pineapple King's line-up of confections are the iconoclastic pineapple bun—lacking pineapple but resembling its textured exterior—and an assortment of flavors like salted egg, taro, and mango pineapple puffs. Their social media excitement can be seen in a recent Pineapple King's Instagram post celebrating the croissant egg tart, which has been available exclusively at their San Francisco store. The pastry shop's penchant for sweet treats doesn't end with tried and tested favorites; new additions frequently pop up, catering to adventurous taste buds and traditionalists alike.

Not just resting on laurels, Lamb is pushing the envelope in Asian-fusion baking. "I want to make more and more flavors," Lamb said, as per SF Eater, sharing his commitment to culinary innovation. The new Fremont location, detailed on Pineapple King Bakery's website, is part of that strategic expansion, allowing Lamb's creations to enamor an even wider audience. With a mission to keep pushing what Chinese American pastries can be, customers can expect more than just buns and milk teas when they visit any of Pineapple King's shops.