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Published on June 11, 2024
Tennessee Caps Interest Rates at 12.50 Percent, Announces Commissioner GonzalesSource: Google Street View

In a recent development that touches the wallets of consumers and businesses alike, Commissioner Greg Gonzales of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions has declared a new cap on interest rates within the state. Announced on June 11, the maximum effective formula rate of interest is to be 12.50 percent per annum. This new rate is calculated by adding a pre-set figure—4 percent—to the average prime loan rate, which as of June 10, according to the Federal Reserve, sits at 8.50 percent.

The Commissioner, while defining the rate that banks can charge, announced that this rate would persist until a shift occurs in the Federal Reserve's published prime loan rate. As outlined in Chapter 464 of the Public Acts of 1983, this weekly update is requisite, a nod to the variable nature of lending and the economy's unpredictable dispositions.

It's essential to understand that this percentage is more than just a number: it has tangible repercussions on the state's economy and constituents. Monetary policy, of which interest rates are a key component, can sway the pace of economic activity, influencing everything from mortgage rates to the cost of borrowing for small businesses.

Keeping with the requirements of Tennessee legislation, this announcement is part of an ongoing effort to maintain transparency in financial activities within the state. Ensuring that interested parties are aware of such critical financial metrics helps to foster an environment of predictability in both personal and commercial financial planning. Published details of the rate change can be found on the department's official website, with the most recent update available at Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, confirming the state's commitment to keeping its citizenry informed.

For queries or additional information, the Public Information Officer Alica Owen has made herself available, reaching out to the public and ensuring they can navigate the implications of such financial updates. Her contact is prominently displayed: (615) 289-4738, setting a direct line to the heart of Tennessee's financial heartbeat.