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Published on July 10, 2024
LAPD Apprehends "Reflector Vest Crew" Suspected of Posing as Construction Workers in Los Angeles Burglary SpreeSource: X/LAPD PIO

The Los Angeles Police Department, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Bureau, recently cracked down on a group of burglars, who had been targeting affluent areas in Los Angeles. Known as the “Reflector Vest Crew,” the suspects were arrested on June 27 and July 3 for a series of burglaries where they posed as construction workers to avoid suspicion. According to an LAPD news release, the burglars identified unoccupied residences by sending one of their members, dressed in reflective clothing, to knock on doors under the guise of construction workers.

The suspects involved, Roderick Dennis, Michael Mitchell, and Munya Jones range in age from 21 to 39 and are accused of stealing luxury items including high-end purses, jewelry, watches, and cash, as reported by the LAPD. The investigators' discovery of these criminals came after a bout of sophisticated techniques and the use of multiple rented vehicles were implemented by the culprits to evade law enforcement, the LAPD news release explained.

Their escapade came to an end when they were caught in the act during a burglary in Studio City. As a consequent measure of diligence on the LAPD's part, ample evidence was uncovered, leading to the submission of the case to the District Attorney’s office for filing, charging all three men with multiple counts of residential burglary. On July 3, Ashely Ellison, the girlfriend of Roderick Dennis, was arrested in connection with the burglaries for storing stolen goods and renting vehicles used in the robberies. Items recovered from Ellison’s residence included U.S. currency, stolen firearms, and jewelry appraisals, the press release from the LAPD announced.

"Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go directly to www.lacrimestoppers.org," the statement from the LAPD.