Nik Wojcik

Oct 30, 2020
San Francisco Castro

Remembering the once glorious Castro Halloween

The whole city was vibrant and damn near magical for weeks before the big night as visitors poured into town just to take their place in one of the greatest costume parties on earth. It was Halloween in the Castro, and it is now the stuff of legends. Read More

Oct 23, 2020
San Jose

Fauci to join Santa Clara County COVID-19 panel next week, bringing together an array of experts

The nation’s leading COVID-19 expert will be in Santa Clara County Oct. 30 to discuss the region’s pandemic response, and he'll be meeting with local leaders about keeping our communities safe. Read More

Oct 21, 2020
San Francisco Parkside

Board approves Lowell High School one-year lottery admission and considers permanent change

The long-haul fight over Lowell High School admission standards is far from over, but a decision has been firmly made to move to the lottery system for the 2021-21 school year.  Read More

Oct 13, 2020
San Francisco Parkside

Lowell High School’s proposed lottery system riles SF parents who want merit-based admissions

Lowell High School has long been considered a bastion of elite public education in San Francisco, a status many fear is now under threat. Read More