Martin Mack's Pub Seized in Legal Dispute

Martin Mack's Pub Seized in Legal Dispute
By Camden Avery - Published on February 24, 2012.
Note: Today's post is a preview of content from the Upper Haight version of Haighteration, which will be launching in mid-March. ************* At the beginning of this week, Martin Mack's pub, a 22-year staple of the Upper Haight, unexpectedly closed its doors.

The abrupt closure was announced via handwritten notes posted inside Martin Mack's front windows. The notes indicate that the bar will be reopening under new management some time in the near future. Since the shuttering, the pub's doors have remained locked and guarded by two uniformed, private security guards. According to the bar's managers, who posted flyers around the neighborhood, the closure was the result of a hostile legal dispute between the owner, Brian Maloney, and one of his old business partners from an unrelated enterprise. News of the pub's closure has shaken up the neighborhood, whose residents are used to seeing the windows crowded with patrons every night of the week. It was also, understandably, a shock to the pub's employees, all of whom have opted to demonstrate their support for Maloney by refusing to work under the new management. Maloney is in the process of trying to overturn the legal ruling that granted his business partner ownership of Martin Mack's -- a ruling made at a hearing to which he was not invited, and about which he was not informed. In the meantime, he's asking loyal neighborhood patrons to join his employees and boycott the bar under its new management. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.
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