La Boulange Baked Goods Launching at Starbucks Today

La Boulange Baked Goods Launching at Starbucks Today
Facebook/La Boulange
By Hayeswire - Published on April 16, 2013.
Ten months after it was announced that Starbucks had purchased La Boulange, the local chain's baked goods will finally be available in all Bay Area Starbucks locations, starting today.

La Boulange confirmed the news via its Facebook page this morning. The items will apparently be doled out in little pink paper bags, so prepare to see plenty of those being toted around the streets of San Francisco. Eater reported last week that to achieve the rollout, Starbucks had a dedicated freezer installed at each of its 420 Bay Area locations. The La Boulange items will be flash-baked from their frozen state in an impressive 7 to 15 seconds. After the Bay Area debut, La Boulange goods will appear in Starbucks stores in the Pacific Northwest, LA, Chicago, New York, and Boston by September, and the rest of the US by the middle of next year, according to Eater. So now, when you're outside of Hayes Valley, chances are you'll still be within a block or two of your favorite La Boulange items. If you're on a carb-free diet, you should probably just admit defeat right now.