Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on August 01, 2013
Pink + DolphinInstagram/Pink Dolphin
One of the newest retail additions to the hood will be Pink + Dolphin, to 1431 Haight.

The construction barrier is up and duly decorated at 1431 Haight for the arrival of LA-based Pink Dolphin, a mostly-men's clothing shop (think Swag or Clobba for the urban gentleman) that focuses on bright, casual, and hip-hop derived streetwear. Lots of shorts and tees, lots of acid wash. You can preview their offerings online. Here's a peek inside their LA store, which should give you an idea what to expect all up in here. The above photo, from the proprietor's Instagram, received when posted comments ranging from "Dope!" to the less enthusiastic, suggesting that there's at least a murmur of anticipation for the store to open. We'll leave it to you to judge.