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Published on May 20, 2024
San Francisco's Caltrain Expansion Project Receives $3.4 Billion Boost Toward Salesforce Transit Center HubSource: San Francisco County Transportation Authority

The dream of seamlessly connecting San Francisco to its surrounding Bay Area neighbors and the vast stretches of California received a financial shot in the arm with a hefty $3.4 billion from Uncle Sam. According to NBC Bay Area, the federal government has granted the funds needed to push Caltrain into the city's bustling financial hub at the Salesforce Transit Center.

Known as 'The Portal,' the project aims to bring Caltrain into the heart of downtown and eventually serve as the northern terminus for the state of California's high-speed rail ambition. By making the train line extension a reality, regional connectivity is poised to quickly improve—at least if everything goes according to plan. The massive sum represents 41% of the project's current estimated cost, and the total project includes extending the Caltrain line by 1.8 miles and developing two underground stations. This commitment will hopefully accelerate the project that, as The San Francisco Examiner reported, is scheduled to open its services around 2032 or 2033.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which is managing 'The Portal' project, recently made it known they have now banked over two-thirds of the estimated cost required. Adam Van de Water, the entity's executive director, told his agency's board via The San Francisco Examiner that "only a handful of projects in the United States that have that level of commitment."

Despite the recent windfall, the completion of the transit center serves as a hub for local and regional bus lines and commuter rails, and, theoretically, the high-speed rail requires the project to obtain upwards of $2.75 billion. The agency is currently scouting for funds and coordinating with various government bodies to scrape the remaining amount. They hope to score around $1 billion from the state, although the pathway to those funds is unclear. Agency officials are pinning some hopes on legislation pushed by state senators that could amplify transportation funding through regional ballot measures. Meanwhile, the quest for a full-funding grant agreement with the Federal Transit Administration has been nudged back to mid-2026. Nevertheless, the TJPA plans not to waste any time, intending to issue a formal proposal request by the year's end.

Completed at a price tag of $2.3 billion, the Salesforce Transit Center is a grand bus station graced by a sprawling rooftop park and retail spaces. In anticipation of 'The Portal,' the Transbay Joint Powers Authority has earmarked $340 million for property acquisitions necessary for the project's footprint, as they aim to transform the Transit Center into a linchpin of San Francisco's transportation future.